After the band's  sold-out concert at New York's Madison Square Garden during their Restless Tour, performing the Kayode Adeyemo penned top Billboard Hit "Object Of My Desire,"   sharing the stage that night with the late Luther Vandross and Isley Jasper Isley, the 2 original members of the band continued their  professional musical journeys beyond Starpoint.  For many years, Starpoint as a whole, participated in no collective passion for creating new original Starpoint music.  Therefore, as a result of that fact, there was silence for many years.

In 1999 Kayode Adeyemo and Marvin Ennis, both original members of Starpoint, attempted to engage all of the members in doing an album together but their efforts were unsuccessful. Five years after that particular attempt to record a Starpoint album, that would have had all of the original members embodied on it, the band lost Ernesto Phillips.  One year to the date of the passing of Ernesto Phillips Renee Diggs entered the hospital. Three days later the world lost S. Renee Diggs.

Original Starpoint members Kayode Adeyemo and Marvin Ennis, knowing how much their fans miss their music every single day, continued to write, produce and create  new music in the hopes of being able to share it with the millions of fans yearning for it. Along both their musical journeys, outside of Starpoint, they both managed to write and produce  top Billboard hits for other artists. In fact, as it relates to that fact, they both of them can each say that their highest peaking Billboard Charted singles were #2. 

In the case of Kayode Adeyemo it was the infamous duo Milli Vanilli, the artist whose Grammy Award  was snatched back from them in 1989, who was the artist responsible for his #2 "hit" in the form of the smash global hit "Girl You Knw It's True." In the case of Marvin Ennis it was the band E.U. (Experience Unlimited), of the #1 hit "Da Butt" and Spike Lee's Sony-Tristar motion picture "School Daze" fame, the band Marvin Ennis  joined after his departure from Starpoint, following the "Restless Tour,"  that was the artist for his #2  hit "Taste Of Your Love." In fact, on that particular hit Marvin Ennis played all of the instruments, sang all of the background vocals, sang lead vocals, co-wrote, published and  produced  his R&B Classic #2 hit "Taste Of Your Love."

Although Kayode Adeyemo and Marvin Ennis both missed the top spot Billboard Chart spot by 1 on their most successful singles, outside of Starpoint, the band Marvin Ennis is most associated with outside of Starpoint [E.U.] has a #1 smash hit to its name called "Da Butt."  In fact, when he was a member of E.U., according to Rolling Stone Magazine the School Daze soundtrack sold 500,000 copies in a single 2-week period and the song is still going strong today in the new world of streaming. In the case of the Kayode Adeyemo penned hit "Girl You Know It's True" aside from winning a Grammy Award also won "RockPop Song Of The Year."

Starpoint has formally welcomed guitarist Valentino "Tino" Jackson, of #1 hit Da Butt and the motion picture "School Daze" fame to Starpoint.

Starpoint fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear the new derivative version of Kayode Adeyemo's Milli Vanilli hit  "Girl You Know It's True," as it appears on the new Starpoint- Tribute- Voices From Beyond album. 



"Voices From Beyond"

With the late Renee Diggs, Kayode Adeyemo, Marvin Ennis and Valentino Jackson

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